The Creative Side of Love

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Born in Noto (Siracuse), Italy, Macca was still a teenager when he moved to a bigger town, Modica, where he attended the high school of art “Tommaso Campailla”. His intimate approach to visual arts was immediately clear thanks to his early contact with the world of graffiti, and street art in general.

In 2008 he started the Academy of Arts in Rome, where, guided by his mentor Michele Cossyro, he graduated in decoration with honors.

In 2011 he exhibited at Artexpo of Arezzo, with several artists coming from the Academy. After his graduation, he decided to complete his studies attending the last years of a master at the Academy of Arts in Rome. Those last years of Academy were very important for Giuliano in order to understand his artistical identity. He assiduously attended the art studio of the Master Michele Cossyro, with whom he established a more conscious and mature confrontation.

2016 is a very prolific year for the artist, after the realization of the set design for the theatrical show ‘Corti ma lirici’ at Teatro Eliseo in Rome, one of his works realized in occasion of the performance ‘Ti aspetto su altri pianeti’ (I wait for you on other planets), curated by Giorgio de Finis, Marilena Morabito and Roberto Sottile, was permanently exhibited at the MAAM in Rome.

During the summer of the same year, he inaugurated his solo exhibition “Le confessioni del tempo”(The confessions of time) curated by Roberto Sottile at the International Film Festival of Marzamemi. At the beginning of 2017, he moved to Barcelona, where he started a period of intense technical experimentation. In May he was invited by Servizio di Cultura di Frascati, at the Scuderie Aldo Brandini, for the collective exhibition called ContemporaneaMente.

In October a production of five works, made with charcoal on paper, was the protagonist of the exhibition on the subject of the metaphorical journey in the district of Raval, in Barcellona. In 2018, after months of hard work and great artistic production, on September 28, the artist inaugurates the personal exhibition “Ladri di luce” (Thieves of light), curated by Paola Aloisio, at the gallery “Mirabilia” in Rome, owned by Giano Del Bufalo. In this solo show, Macca launches the Manifesto of “Stradismo” (from the Italian word strada, street) or “New romance”, all the pieces in the exhibition are sold in the very early hours of the show. In December 2018 he exhibited at the RVB Arts Gallery in Rome in the collective “Myths and legends”, curated by Michele Von Buren.

Recent critiques about his latest works says: “The suffering and the crisis are seen as essential for a new fresh rebirth; in Macca’s works there is no simple and blind desperation, but a cathartic walk into the pain, that brings to a renovated awareness and new possibilities. Hitting the rock bottom to rise again, stronger”.

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