Tomás Sánchez

Fascinating Nature Scenes

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Tomás Sánchez is a Cuban painter. Best known for his detailed and idealized nature scenes, his work is characterized by its contemporary interpretation of landscape painting. He has always had two fundamental interests in life: art and meditation, both of them intimately related. The interior spaces that he experiences in meditation are converted into the landscapes of his paintings; the restlessness of his mind transformed into landfills. When he paints, Tomás experiences meditative states; through meditation, he achieves a union with nature, and nature, in turn, leads him to meditation. The interior experience is the unity of all that exists; external experience is unity in diversity. This sensitizes him to his surroundings. He respects diversity and free expression, in life as in art.

Sánchez work's has been exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Art in Havana, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, and the Galería Expoarte in Panama City, among others.

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