Mastering the Art of Discovery Through a Detail-Driven Lens

In the bustling world of photography, where every click aims to freeze a moment in time, one name stands out for its unique blend of artistry and authenticity Monaris. Hailing from Puerto Rico and currently based in New Jersey, Monaris has carved a niche for herself as a visual storyteller extraordinaire, recognized not just for her eye-catching compositions but also for the rich narratives she weaves through her lens.

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Monaris, an Adobe Lightroom Partner and a Sony Ambassador, transcends the conventional boundaries of photography. Her work is an ode to the fusion of composition and color theory, transforming ordinary moments into cinematic masterpieces. The lens becomes her canvas, and reality is the raw material she molds into scenes that resonate like frames from a movie.

Primarily capturing the heartbeat of New York City, Monaris's portfolio extends far beyond the city limits. Her wanderlust has taken her across the globe, freezing unique moments that become the signature shots in her body of work.

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The Heart of Her Craft

What sets Monaris apart is not just her technical prowess but the authenticity she brings to her craft. Her ability to unveil the humanity in her subjects is a testament to her skill. Whether documenting the vivacity of a cultural celebration or capturing the nostalgia of Americana, Monaris's lens becomes a bridge connecting the viewer directly to the essence of the scene.

In her own words, Monaris shares, "I'm always trying to push boundaries within myself by mastering timing and refining my ability to observe and record those decisive moments in time. I am a reader of people and fascinated by human behavior." Her inquisitiveness about the human experience fuels her passion, making her not just a photographer but a storyteller capturing the essence of lives lived.

"I hope for people to go beyond their senses with my images, as I wish to evoke emotion behind the lives that people lead," she expresses. Monaris's work transcends the visual realm, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the emotions, stories, and experiences embedded in each frame.

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As Monaris continues to traverse the globe, capturing fleeting moments that tell profound stories, her lens remains a beacon of artistic brilliance. Monaris's photographs stand out not just for their visual appeal but for the narratives they carry – a testament to the power of a photographer who goes beyond the surface to capture life's moments.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Paola Franqui, Aka Monaris


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