A Grotesque Universe

Between Lifestyle, the Grotesque, and Metaphysics

Frank Kunert grew up in the Rhine-Main region and began taking photographs in his teens. At that time Frank became interested in landscape photography. After completing high school, Frank trained as a photographer and nurtured his love of studio work, which he still holds true to even today. 

Franks's works are regularly presented at exhibitions in Germany and abroad and have been published in prestigious publications. The artist received several awards. He is married and lives with his wife in Boppard, between Cologne and Frankfurt.

"Kunert’s bizarre wonderlands relate stories of the depths of life. His constructions are reflections of our fears and needs, but also of our desires. They bring home the absurdity of every day: the grotesque attempts to organize our lives, the disappearance of old traditions, the way we deal with one another and with our history—Kunert’s small masterpieces harbor any number of things. He does not however do all this with an incriminating finger, but with a subtle, at times offbeat sense of humor. Buildings say something about people. They are the expression of our culture, our past, our present, and our future. The inner worlds of homes were invariably are reflections of the social zeitgeist and contain much of what goes on inside and around us. (...) Frank Kunert lends the traces of our past an appreciative framework, and his small worlds are an unconventional declaration of love to the hosts of stories of everyday life—our stories." - Elizabeth Clarke (from an essay on the photo book Wunderland)

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Frank Kunert


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