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By Photographize

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Czech photographer Bára Prášilová has created a signature style that merges absurd humor, alarming beauty, playfulness, mild cruelty and her persistent passion for perfection. Her visual world consists of imaginary memories of what never happened and explorations of what could have happened if we dropped the habit of drawing our own limits. Her exquisite work has been recognized with numerous awards and exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • 1. Please briefly tell us about you.

I’m a photographer and art director based in Prague, Czech Republic. My work remains on the borderline of commercial and fine art photography. I enjoy combining absurd humor, alarming beauty, playfulness, mild cruelty as well as my persistent passion for perfection. I very often build my own props which I later combine with the advantages of digital photography in post production.

Both my free artwork and work on commission have been exhibited all over the world and many of them awarded international prizes. My personal goal is to cultivate beauty and feminine style along with humor and sense of lightness in visual arts.

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  • 2. You often mention that your visual world consists of imaginary memories that never happened. Can you tell us more about these visions, how do they come to your mind?

I already agreed with many theories solving the question of how some visions come to the mind. And I actually don't know how it works. In my case it probably is a combination of unconscious and the way my brain processes it. I tend to believe in the unbelievable and that is why I got an access to the places in my my mind where boundaries don’t exist.

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  • 3. In some of your works we perceive a dose of humor. Some of them are indeed quite playful. Examples that come to our mind are your work “oh, these summer days…” and the campaign you made for Vavavoom perfumery. Do you think an artistic work should transmit a message? Do you look for this?

I love humor, it literally saves my boring life! Making jokes even, the silly ones, is absolutely essential for me. Fortunately when I feel sorry for myself I’m not creative and thanks god I have no need to transmit any messages :). And of course I feel happy when my work resonates with someone’s mind or heart. It means then that I’m not alone here :).

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  • 4. We have noticed that you put your ideas on paper before working on the final piece. How does this fit into your creative process?

I love playing safe, I never improvise and I also have a bad memory. That’s why I sketch out all of my ideas before I start shooting. And it is also a way to present my ideas to a client or my team. This process is also very challenging for me because it forces me to calm down and to focus. These moments when the ideas are born are also the happiest ones because I start building my worlds. Also these moments when I sit at the table, draw and laugh loudly are priceless :).

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5. Is there any famous designer that you haven’t worked with yet in your future wish list?

Many of them! But now I would love to work for Disney!

6. We love how your imagination stands out in your creations. Tell us what work did you enjoy most doing and why? Any anecdotes you want to share with us?

Thank you! I actually enjoy every photoshoot and what I really like is doing all the strange things, like for example putting a flower between a buttocks or sitting a robot on a horse. Yeah, this is my world and I love it!

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7. Your projects require an important photography production, including the use of assistants, make up & hair artist, models, etc. Can you tell us what, if any, are the challenges of working in such an environment? Some photographers find coordinating their work with many other persons challenging. How would you describe yourself in this role?

While shooting my brain works in a different regime in order to save energy to be highly creative. So it is quite challenging for me to respect that.

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8. What has been the biggest satisfaction that you have encountered in your photographic career?

When I was dreaming about being a part of the Hasselblad family 20 years back and when I become Hasselblad ambassador 1 year ago.

9. What do you like about the art world.

That I can be part of it.

10. What is next for Bara Prasilova? Are you going to be part of any art fair or exhibition in 2018?

I decided not to talk about my plans too much but my next step is definitely publishing a book in 2018.

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