Eric Hoube

Bringing the Past to Life: The Irreverent and Playful Art of Eric Hoube

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Eric Hoube is a man of many talents, a Parisian banker by day and an artist by night. His passion for portraiture has led him to create a unique and captivating series of works that have caught the attention of art lovers around the world. His art is rooted in his love for history and his desire to pay homage to the great masters of the past. However, his approach is not one of simple emulation, but rather one of reinterpretation and reinvention. He takes the iconic portraits of historical figures and gives them a modern twist by contaminating them with unexpected elements such as candies, bolts, staples, buttons and much more. This creates a game of ironic contrasts that intrigues the viewer and brings them closer to the stuffed faces of the past.

This is not just a game of role-playing, but also a game of storytelling. Hoube sees the art of portraiture as a way to tell a story, and by adding these everyday objects to the mix, he creates a new narrative that is both fresh and current. He says, "I like to compare these completely different and independent elements. On the one hand we have artistic masterpieces and on the other we have objects that are part of our childhood, another kind of story."

Hoube's art can be found on Instagram under the handle @zericiphone, where he shares his unique reinterpretations of famous paintings with his followers. Whether you're a lover of art, history or storytelling, Eric Hoube's work is sure to captivate you. With his unique approach and his irreverent and irreverent spirit, he has created a series of works that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. He has proven that art is not just about preserving the past, but also about creating something new and exciting for the future.

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