Vangelis Kalos

Sensual Fine Art Photography

“I photograph women to show a part of models Personality and Soul within an artistic purpose. The model takes the main role in my photographs, this celebrates the female presence within the context, light, and space. The most important? My photography is focusing on the model's personality, posing with panache and doubtless rather than as a passive form of beauty compliant. The results are channeling natural sensuality with the inner being and the soul of the model through continuous aesthetic exploration.”


The black and white sensual photography by Fine Art photographer Vangelis Kalos examines the female body. Sensual photography remains one of the most in-demand forms of portraiture in the world. It's easy to see why; everyone loves a tastefully done nude once in a while. Finding well-shot nudes, though, is what tends to be the hard part. Vangelis images are raw, gritty, and capable of capturing that perfect moment that's both intimate and casual at the same time. Using his creative prowess and his eye for aesthetic, it's easy to see how Vangelis has become a master in this field. 

During the last decade, Vangelis Kalos has focused his work on black and white, a preference that derives from his experience in traditional darkroom photography work. The preference of black and white can be considered as an abstract element compared to colored results - as the presence of color can be subjectively considered distractive. The monochrome preference is not only guiding the viewer to the inner soul of the images, but also highlights the shape, line, composition, form, and texture.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Vangelis Kalos

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