Underwater Dogs

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Seth Casteel is an award-winning photographer based in California. His series of photos showcasing dogs diving into swimming pools became an Internet sensation. Now with over half a million copies in print around the world, Underwater Dogs is one of the best selling photography books of all-time.

All started in 2007 when Seth began volunteering to photograph homeless pets to help them find loving families. These improved, positive photos showcased unique personalities, resulting in countless adoptions. As his volunteer work continued, he stumbled upon a new career in photography. 

Since then, Seth has worked primarily as a pet photographer. He has developed a career as an animal photographer, accepting commissions and commercial assignments, collaborating with dozens of publishers and exhibiting his artwork in galleries around the world. Seth’s work has been published in many international magazines and online publications. Unquestionably there is much more to see about Seth Casteel.

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