Olga Karlovac

The intermediate dimension between dreams, memories, and paintings.

There is just something magical about black and white photography. It is more than just about shooting and then turning some of your shots in black and white in post-production. It is about capturing the distinct disparity between light and darkness in a way that color photography, unfortunately, can’t. Just like a book without illustrations allows the reader to imagine the characters and setting for themselves, a photograph without color allows the viewer to imagine even more.

Our existence is a continuous sequence of ephemeral encounters, of brief snapshots that we hardly perceive. Visual artist Olga Karlovac takes us on a journey into a deeper layer of reality, one of the imperceptible gems hiding within the flow of time. A master in this field, Olga’s work is simply out of this world. Olga's flawless works celebrate light, motion, and textures to create exquisite monochrome images suspended in an intermediate dimension between dreams, memories, and paintings. Born in Dubrovnik and currently residing in Zagreb, Olga has reached widespread recognition, with exhibitions throughout the world.

Her photographs have also been collected in a successful trilogy of books: “The Disarray”, “Before Winter” and “Escape”. Her constant exploration of different media and the drive to erase the boundaries between art forms has led to the creation of musical pieces inspired by her work. Powerful, mysterious, and compelling, Olga Karlovac’s vision of the world is pure visual poetry.

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" In the blink of an eye in the moment between day and night,somewhere at the edge of darkness and lightwalking down an empty road below the mountain of memorieswhile strong winds from the north carve your marks all over my skin I feel your breathand I imagine... " - Olga Karlovac

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Olga Karlovac

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