The Artist Pushing the Boundaries of Paper

By Carla DLM

Matthew Shlian is an artist whose work is making waves in the art world. He has gained a reputation for creating intricate, three-dimensional sculptures out of paper that challenge our perceptions of what is possible with this humble material. His work is the result of a unique combination of art and science. With a background in printmaking, Shlian uses his knowledge of paper and its properties to create intricate geometric patterns that he then cuts, folds, and shapes into stunning three-dimensional sculptures.

But it's not just his artistic skills that set Shlian apart. He is also a self-described "paper engineer" who uses his understanding of the physics of paper to create works that are structurally sound and visually striking. This has led him to collaborate with scientists and researchers, exploring the potential applications of his work in fields such as medicine and materials science.

Shlian's artistic process is a laborious one. He spends hours experimenting with different patterns and techniques, pushing the limits of what paper can do. But the results are worth it - his sculptures are mesmerizing, with their intricate folds and delicate forms that seem to defy gravity. One of his most notable pieces is his "Tessellation" series, which features a series of geometric shapes that fit together seamlessly like a puzzle. Each piece is meticulously cut and folded by hand, creating a stunning visual effect that draws the viewer in.

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Despite the intricacy of his work, Shlian is passionate about making art that is accessible to everyone. He has created a series of "pop-up" sculptures that are designed to be simple enough for anyone to create at home. These sculptures are a playful take on his more complex pieces, but they still demonstrate his deep understanding of paper and its properties.

Shlian's work has been exhibited around the world. He has also collaborated with important companies such as Apple, Google, and Nike, bringing his unique artistic vision to a wider audience. In a world where we are increasingly reliant on technology, Shlian's work is a reminder of the beauty and potential of the natural world. Through his intricate paper sculptures, he shows us that even the simplest of materials can be transformed into something truly remarkable.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Matthew Shlian


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