Watercolor seascape collection

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Yuliya Martynova is a promising young artist originally from Kazakhstan. She spent the best years of her childhood studying art and was noted amongst the most promising graduates of the city art school. However, pursuing artistic direction in the broken post-soviet state was seen as an unpractical career prospect. Back then law seemed like the most desirable degree amongst families. So the bright teen worked hard towards a prestigious law scholarship and had to put her artistic aspirations on hold.

One law degree + MBA (KIMEP) later, she joined the banking industry in Almaty and in 2005 Yuliya moved to London where she spent another 10 years building her career in energy and wealth management. In 2015 Yuliya lost interest in the corporate world and became a full-time artist.

Watercolor in particular has been Yuliya's long-standing dominant media though she ventures to mix water-based materials with oil, graphite, and acrylic on wood, canvas, and paper. Yuliya's work contemplates the subject of departure. Parting with somebody or something, cognitive state of loosing something valuable such as identity, innocence, or childhood. In her seascape collection, she focuses on escaping the city for the idyllic Blue Bay shores. Yuliya is a frequent participant of London art fairs, regular works with interior designers on luxury residential, cruise liners, and hospitality projects, and nurture plans to bring more work to the US in the upcoming years.

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