Julien de Casabianca

Bringing Classical Art to the Streets with a Unique Vision

In the bustling streets of cities around the world, classical paintings come to life in a remarkable way, thanks to the innovative work of artist, filmmaker, and graphic novelist Julien de Casabianca. With his distinctive approach of bringing characters from classical paintings into the urban landscape through real pastings, de Casabianca's art transcends traditional boundaries and captivates audiences globally.

Hailing from France with Corsican heritage, de Casabianca's artistic journey has been a multifaceted one, spanning across various mediums and genres. With a deep connection to the streets and the people who inhabit them, de Casabianca's art seamlessly merges classical art with contemporary urban environments, creating a dynamic and captivating visual experience that challenges our perception of public spaces.

Through his unique approach, de Casabianca's art creates a dialogue between the past and the present, inviting viewers to reconsider the relevance and significance of classical art in today's modern world. By taking these timeless masterpieces out of the confines of museums and placing them in unexpected locations, de Casabianca challenges the traditional notions of art, making it accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

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De Casabianca's work also carries a social and cultural commentary, as he often chooses characters from classical paintings that represent marginalized or underrepresented groups, giving them a voice and presence in contemporary society. His art sparks conversations about diversity, inclusion, and the power of representation in art and society, making a profound impact on viewers and communities alike.

One important aspect of de Casabianca's work is his collaboration with renowned museums around the world, such as Le Louvre in 2024, Brooks Museum Memphis, MAH Geneva, and Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, where he is invited to play with their collections, adding his unique artistic perspective to classical masterpieces.

As de Casabianca continues to evolve as an artist and push the boundaries of what is possible, his unwavering artistic vision and contributions to street art, film, and graphic novels have earned him global recognition and admiration. Julien de Casabianca's art continues to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of artists, as he leaves an indelible mark on the art world.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Julien de Casabianca


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