Isabella QUaranta

Blurring the Boundaries Between Reality and the Oneiric World

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Isabella Quaranta is an Italian photographer who specializes in portraits and self-portraits that sit at the intersection of reality and the oneiric world. Born in Turin in 1985, she began experimenting with photography around the age of 25 and has since focused on creating images that blur the boundaries between reality and the oneiric world. Isabella has a background in the Sciences of Cultural and Historical Artistic Heritage and a Masters in Advanced Photography from the European Institute of Design in Milan. Her work often explores the theme of self-discovery, blurring the boundaries between artist and subject and capturing the magic of ephemeral moments.

Her photographs are characterized by symbolism, decadent echoes, metaphysical expectations, and surreal and dark visions. She aims to represent metamorphoses, hopes, concerns, and desires, and investigates the unconscious to bring out intimate emotions through her shots. In addition to her self-portrait and portrait work, Isabella also photographs musicians, and is a theater photographer, and works with the TOHorrorFilmFestival. She has had her work published in various magazines and is part of the permanent collection of the MIC Museum in Brugherio.

With her unique style and artistic vision, Isabella Isabella is a rising star in the world of photography. Her ability to blur the boundaries between reality and the oneiric world has earned her widespread recognition, and her work is sure to continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

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