Exploring the Boundaries of Fantasy Architecture: Hassan Ragab's Use of AI Text-to-Image Generators

By Carla DLM

Hassan Ragab is a talented interdisciplinary designer and artist who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the use of AI text-to-image generators. Based in southern California, Ragab holds a bachelor's degree in architectural design and has experience in a wide range of fields including museography, exhibition design, computational design, furniture design, architecture, construction, digital fabrication, and conceptual art. His work often combines elements of architecture, design, and technology to create unique and thought-provoking pieces.

One of Ragab's main interests is parametric architecture, and he finds that AI text-to-image generators provide a great freedom for him to explore this field. In an interview, Ragab discussed his use of these tools, saying, "I find a great freedom in using AI text-to-image generators. The new tools are providing a medium of freedom. Freedom from physicality, from functionality and from modules." He went on to explain that with the current limitations of these tools, which can only generate 2D images, he finds great enjoyment in solely focusing on exploring visions of fantasy architecture.

Ragab's use of AI text-to-image generators not only allows him to create visually striking works of art, but it also serves as a valuable tool for training and expanding his imagination. As he said, "It includes us in the unprecedented creative context where we can quickly and continuously develop our concepts/ideas while also mixing and connecting our thoughts in ways we could have never imagined."

One particular AI text-to-image generator that Ragab finds particularly useful is Midjourney. He has found that this tool is well-suited to the task, as it allows him to quickly and easily generate a wide range of complex shapes and forms. Additionally, he notes that Midjourney's models favor beauty over photorealism, which makes it a good fit for digital art.

Hassan Ragab is certainly a talented artist and designer who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI text-to-image generators, and his work is definitely worth checking out.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Hassan Ragab


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