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Victoria Manzoli

United States

Victoria Manzoli's journey in photography is a profound exploration of the interplay between identity, empathy, and artistry. Her introspective approach to portraiture reveals a deep-seated challenge she faced in her personal life: the difficulty of separating herself from others. This struggle, which often led to anxiety and disorientation, finds its resolution in the realm of photography. Victoria discovered that by merging her identity with her subjects, she could cultivate a profound sense of empathy and vulnerability, resulting in a remarkable connection that transcends the ordinary. Through her lens, she skillfully captures the essence of the human experience, allowing her subjects to reveal themselves in the most authentic way.

At the heart of Victoria's artistic process lies the indispensable medium format film camera. This tool serves as the conduit for her unique approach, where connection is forged through a deliberate slowing down of the photographic process and precise composition. By embracing this challenge, Victoria pushes herself to be fully present in the moment, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration with her subjects. The delicate act of pressing the shutter becomes an invitation for a creative partnership, where both artist and sitter engage in a dance to craft the perfect image. Victoria's use of analog photography serves as a bridge, enabling a deeper fusion with her subjects, as they invest time in connecting and building trust. In this harmonious exchange, both artist and sitter find the ideal mindset to co-create art that resonates with the genuine human experience, capturing moments of vulnerability and authenticity that transcend the confines of traditional portraiture.

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