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I have a strong belief that we can make art out of everything around us only if we look from a different perspective. My name is Muhammad Al Masri, and I was born in 1996 in Zarqa, Jordan. I am a photographer and an amateur chess player.
I have started taking photos using my iPhone 4, after that my elder brother believed in my talent and gave me a Canon 1000D, encouraging me to live my passion. Therefore, I’m deeply indebted to him for the rest of my life. Later on, I realized that I need to make progress by acquiring better equipment. While in college, I worked as a part-time waiter at an Italian restaurant and managed to buy my current camera which is Canon 70D. In early of 2020, I have completed a diploma in Film and Television in Amman, Jordan. I have started taking photos of landscapes and cityscapes, but rarely have I taken abstract photos. However, in October 2019 I have entered the world of abstract and architecture photography with my body and soul and decided to lead my future career in this field.
Personally, I find that artistic photography requires creativity and imagination, and it is somehow similar to playing chess. Inspired by my passion for chess, I always look for lines, squares, patterns, shapes, and similarities, using my imagination to make art out of my surroundings. Through framing things inside my mind, I attempt to apply the same vision by using my lens. No matter how much time I spend behind the camera, it always passes like seconds!
My ambition is to see my photos reach globally and exhibited in different galleries around the world.

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