Irina Iacob
Photographize's Writer


I'm a creative writer from Romania. I've got a bachelor's degree in Philology, a master’s degree in Romanian Cultural Studies in European Context, and I've been writing poetry and plays for many years now. I am passionate about philosophy and art in all its forms and I have a very good sense of humor. My favorite color is green and I think that’s fitting perfectly with my inner energy and my whole inner making.

I must confess that I enjoy being mentally challenged, that's why clear thinking and understanding are my main objectives when it comes to writing. I like rock music, but I also love listening to Nigel Kennedy's violin classical pieces or Nick Cave's poetical songs.

I love to interact with people who share the same cultural interests as I do. That's why I strongly believe it's important to have insightful, imaginative and critical analysis for readers. And I think it's the proper way to stay connected to different vibes and energies.

I have faith in that inner light people have when they smile, when they hug each other or when they just keep starring at a painting. It's all in the specific manner you bond with the universe, in all its forms. The universe speaks.

I choose to show how I see the major concepts of art and culture and I believe in my ludic, sensitive, enthusiastic and deep inner self in order to discover multiple worlds within all of us. Humans, civilizations, nature, universe are all linked.

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