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Polish photographer Marcin Sacha creates a universe that ranges from dark labyrinths and surreal buildings to ethereal landscapes.
Marcin strives to create personal pictures at the boundary between photography and graphics. He makes an effort for his pictures to reflect more of his vision and less of reality. Even in his landscape photographs he tries to generate a space for the possibility of perceiving ordinary things in a slightly different way. There is somehow a mystery in the contact of the beauty of geometric forms and the reality of the landscape. Regarding the creation of his works, he explains: “Concepts of photomontages are formed on sheet of paper. It begins from almost finished vision of the picture. Then I fill the sheet with lines, which then become the edges of the blocks and the borders of light and shadow. Then I collect photographic material. I photograph models made of paper, clay or bricks, I also use fragments of someone else constructions - I take photo of parts of a plaster, rusty metal sheet, structural elements of buildings. At the end, I compose several dozens of them into a picture on the computer, and introduce a little reality into the world of solids. In the photomontages aesthetics is not the most important. Their hero is always a man and his emotions, and the composition is intended to build an atmosphere that would help to their reading.”
Marcin holds the title of Artiste FIAP (the International Federation of Photographic Art) and won numerous prizes. His work has been exhibited worldwide.

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