Photographize Monochrome Issue 02
November 2022
Photographize Monochrome Issue 02
November 2022
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In this Issue:

INTERVIEW: Bastiaan Woudt, Jono Dry

FEATURED: Dawid Planeta, Raúl Cantú, Bade Fuwa, Emma Louise Prin, G.B. Smith, Nic Keller, Christin Dim

ARTICLES: Adam Riches, Gregory Escande, Norbert Becke

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Product : Hardcover
Amount of Pages : 90
Size : 21 x 29.7 cm
Printed in : Full Color
Shipping : Worldwide
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Photographize is an important resource for industry professionals to discover talent. Being selected for publications with us means to be part of a selective group of artist and obtain an impressive global presence. With an average of 35 monthly million organic views, Photographize reaches an impressive worldwide distribution.

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