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Joel Tjintjelaar is a black and white photographer, author and educator. He teaches workshops on black and white and fine art photography, architectural photography and long exposure photography around the world.
Joel strongly believes that the purpose of art is to communicate what it means to be alive and to feel. It is a necessary expression and acknowledgment of the human condition. As such, he’s continuously trying to evoke an emotional response with his photographs by trying to capture and create what he feels during shooting and processing.
Even though Joel doesn’t want to constrain himself to specific genres or subject matters, his focus is often on architectural objects but his love goes out to portraiture photography. In his architectural works, Joel merely tries to use architectural objects as symbols, as universally understood characters of a 3 dimensional language. He uses black and white and long exposure techniques as a way to move away from reality to prevent a too literal interpretation of what he’s trying to visualize and ultimately communicate.
With his black and white techniques Joel tries to eliminate the dominant object matter, by adding enhanced shadows or highlights, reducing or increasing selective contrasts, using unexpected tonal relationships, to redirect or mislead the eye and hence transform the captured objective reality into a subjective reality in which the subject matter, human emotions, prevail and the object matter is reduced to a symbol.
In the end, Joel believes it doesn’t matter what is captured and shown in a frame, as they’re all symbols to communicate what it means to be alive and to witness the world.

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