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Jeremy N. Garamond's life is a compelling odyssey tightly intertwined with his profound passion for photography. Born into a family of artists and entrepreneurs, he embraced the art of capturing moments as an autodidact, finding his purpose through his camera lens. For Jeremy, photography transcends a mere pastime; it serves as a guiding compass that shapes his thoughts and decisions, offering a positive perspective on reality with each click.

In 2017, he made a pivotal shift from being an Insurtech entrepreneur to savoring life's simple joys, spending quality time with his children, and immersing himself in the world's cultural tapestry. Jeremy's travels, catalyzed by transformative life events, have become opportunities for exploration, a chance to embrace unfamiliar traditions and diverse cultures. With the addition of Vanlife, he seamlessly merges his passion for photography with an insatiable thirst for discovery, generously sharing his infectious happiness through his captivating images.

One of Jeremy's most impactful endeavors is "Moro," set in a remote corner of Namibia bordering Angola. Fascinated by the Himba tribe since their first encounter in 2014, Jeremy, a passionate French photographer, has devoted himself to capturing their essence. Beyond photography, "Moro" stands as a visual ode to human dignity, collaborating with the Himba Community to construct vital infrastructure for isolated villages. His authentic work invites viewers to explore ancient cultures and reminds us that love, in all its forms, unites humanity. "Moro" encourages a deeper understanding of our shared humanity, with all proceeds from image sales supporting the NGO Moro and the preservation of the smiles it captures.

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