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Acclaimed Kuwaiti photographer Hasan Alsaffar takes his works to a whole new level, shooting mesmerizing portraits that connect us to the lives and rich stories of his subjects.
His quest to reveal the beauty of our world and the essence of the people that inhabit it has taken him from the depths of the Arabian And Red Seas to the peaks of the highest mountains in India. It was in the midst of this artistic journey that Hasan discovered his true passion: “to capture the heart and soul of humans”, particularly of those from primitive cultures around the world. Hasan’s beautiful pictures perpetuate the voices of these communities, which are in danger of disappearing, victims of globalization.
In the years following this revelation, he has visited and photographed some of the most elusive communities in the world, including native people in Africa, Cambodia, West Papua and Ladakh. The deep humanity that permeates his work is not an accident, he fully immerses into the daily life of his subjects. This intangible connection between artist and subjects transcends all of his images.
Monochrome photography directly appeals to the most instinctive feelings of the viewers, challenging them to actively engage their imagination. Its language is subtle; the absence of color brings visual expression to its purest form, the binary interplay between light and darkness. A key signature of Hasan’s work is indeed a masterful control of the interactions between light and shadows. Manipulating light at his will, he manages to communicate a wide range of moods and emotions. Through his lens, characters reveal their complexities, stories, struggles, pride and spiritual dimension.
Hasan Alsaffar’s photographs are a feast to the eyes and the heart. Every one of his photographs is a visual delight, a creative masterpiece and a powerful reminder of what makes us human.

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