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Award-winning photographer Daniel Castonguay is a street photographer based in Montreal, Canada. He is among others, laureate of the ‘Fine Art photo of the year 2019’, at the prestigious MonoVisions Photography Awards in London. Daniel began photography in 1979 as an extracurricular activity and without completely putting aside his passion for photography, he pursued his studies and obtained in 1989, a Professional Electrical Engineering degree at "Université du Québec à Chicoutimi" in Canada.

Living in a great city, he was naturally driven to street photography and depicting the quotidian life in its simplest form. When he started in this field of photography, he worked accordingly to the established standards of the style. At a certain point, he got bored of not being able to illustrate the mood of the “moment”. In order to give a more authentic touch to his work, audacious and challenging the rules, he began to process his imagery to make it a little more mysterious. This had the effect of combining simple moments of life with his state of mind, ending up in a unique "creative street photography" style, hence the name of his series "Quotidian Life".

For him, photography is a mode of expression in the same way as writing or playing music. Transmitting an emotion is the essence of his photographic work, bringing the viewer into a story. More specifically, to make the viewer travel in a world of reverie, leaving all the space to imagination.

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