[HUNDRED] Best Selected Vol. 03
December 2022
[HUNDRED] Best Selected Vol. 03
December 2022
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[HUNDRED] Best Selected Vol. 03 presents the work of a hundred unique artists. It is a celebration of multiple perspectives and media, all of them unified by a common drive to explore and create.

When curating this volume, Photographize looked for those who inspire us, touch our hearts, stimulate our imagination, and show us new faces and places, real and imaginary. From legendary figures to emerging luminaries. This book was envisioned as a megaphone that will amplify the multitude of voices of these amazing creators and connect them to the world.

Cover ©Jenni Pasanen

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Product : Hardcover Book
Amount of Pages : 110
Size : 21 x 29.7 cm
Printed in : Full Color
Shipping : Worldwide
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[HUNDRED] Best Selected Vol 04 - 2023

Photographize is an important resource for industry professionals to discover talent. Being selected for publications with us means to be part of a selective group of artist and obtain an impressive global presence. With an average of 35 monthly million organic views, Photographize reaches an impressive worldwide distribution.

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