Coup de tête (French for headshot) series by Allan (Kofi) Thompson

Coup De Tête (French for headshot) is a project created by the digital designer & photographer Allan (Kofi) Thompson. This project is based on human behavior and the mind, a project where Kofi explores and tries to understand human beings.


Daily we face many problems, some small some big, we fight these internal battles that sometimes no-one ever sees, maybe that's a good thing? Or so we think; be it mental health, depression or are we just struggling with our identity and who we are or maybe something that we’ve experienced?

Sometimes, it feels a lot easier and safer to stay quiet and suffer in silence.Sometimes, we have those thoughts, those thoughts that we shouldn’t have.Sometimes, we allow others to dive right on in, into our heads, we allow their opinions, their negativity to affect us rendering us silent and in tears.

Sometimes, others judge us by our appearance without getting to know us, they only see what they “choose” to see without getting to know who we really are and if they just stopped for a second and dug a little deeper, got to know us, we’d drop our defenses and let them in and they would see that we’re full of love and inside we’re just a scared little child screaming out for help, just like them.

Sometimes, we need to open up our eyes, open up our mind and let that creativity shine. Illuminate and show the world just how amazing we are, show the world who we really are and not this fake self-image that we’ve created for ourselves.

These images were created to visually represent who we are as human beings and the internal and external battles we face.

Which image best represents you?