“About being alone together”

The human body never fails to impress and surprise me. - Mehran Djojan

Kabul-born, Berlin-based photographer Mehran Djojan, captures beautiful conceptual portraits that explore the dreamlike realm of his imagination.

Although often surreal in scope, the images appear effortlessly natural; they evoke emotion through the expressiveness of the subjects’ faces and bodies within the environment, rather than overly contrived, digitally manipulated tropes of the genre.



Mehran Djojan Website


Bettina Güber creates amazing fairy shoes using only petals and flowers

Bettina Güber, is a fine art artist who lives in Krefeld, Germany. Her works are evocative images of the natural world.


Using her creative imagination, Bettina uses flowers to digitally transform photos of the flowers. The final result is mesmerizing:



Project: Body mo(o)d by Adrianana Politano

My hands and my brain are definitely my favorite body parts


Adriana Napolitano is an Italian photographer and designer based in Germany. Her work is a quirky combination of photography, crafts, and digital manipulation. Adriana can work with almost any material and find the best way to realize anything stuck her head.

Some days are just too long

I don't want to see things.


dbf02662261567.5a8aedce31bf6When you're overwhelmed.



"The Same", an outstanding project by Martin Neuhof

Martin Neuhof is a photographer from Leipzig. He loves to break boundaries and points of view. Freedom is a term that shapes all his actions and his work.


The Same is an outstanding project that shows a true balance. Martin says "at a time when the world is out of balance, one has to commit oneself to one's own humanistic values. We are all humans on this island called Earth and we have to get along"


Martin is firmly convinced that this is achieved with love rather than hate. Let us emphasize the similarities and accept the differences!.





Martin Neuhof Website
Models: @miiiiry_ & @julie_12.03
Styling: @beatricebergmann

Svetlana Petrova Inserts Her Ginger Tabby Cat, Zarathustra, Into Famous Paintings


Svetlana Petrova is an artist and the creator of Fat Cat Art project. Svetlana and her 9 years old ginger tabby cat, Zarathustra, decided to enlighten the mankind and kindly explain to humans that the most contemporary art is to be found in the Internet


by Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Cat / FatCatArt.com


De-Selfing - A Fine Art Project by Hsin Wang

Eventually   everyone will   leave me.   I will leave   everyone.   everyone will   leave   everyone.


Hsin Wang has been using photography to create a visual representation of her feelings about romantic relationships, called De-Selfing.

After a major break up, she deeply believed that if she didn’t transform herself into a more likeable woman, there would be no more happiness in her life. Hsin started to dispose everything that defined the old “her”. She choses to “de-self” herself in order to please potential romantic partners.

Creating the images in De-Selfing has been a therapeutic process for her. Since starting the project, she have picked herself up piece by piece, gotten her confidence back, and been able to hear her own voice again.



Hyperrealistic paintings of the New York City Subway by Matthew Grabelsky


Matthew Grabelsky, is an artist based in Los Angeles. He combines a hyperrealistic painting technique with a surreal penchant for unlikely juxtapositions. Matthew uses NYC subway’s underground world as the setting for his unlikely pairings.


Matthew Grabelsky | Website


The Canvas Project: Famous Paintings Invade our Modern Days

The Canvas Project is a project created by Brazilian artist Gabriel Nardelli Araújo. The 28-year-old ‘frees’ well-known characters from classical paintings and puts them in the modern day context with the help of Photoshop.

“The process is entirely digital, my works do not exist, at least so far, in physical form. It is done in Photoshop based on photos of places I visited and pictures that I had access to. Other pictures are made available online by the museums themselves in high-resolution files, which has greatly helped in the final quality of the images,” he explained.

At first, this project was just an outlet for Gabriel, that let him create surreal images, but over the time its importance changed.  “I have been perceiving montages as new forms of appropriation of space and works of art. I feel like I leave an immaterial mark on that place. People who have had contact with my work and later visit the space or see the original picture can have a new vision about them.” 

(Via Majesticbunny)




Vinyl Junkie Spent Years Retracing Places Seen On Reggae Record Sleeves

The London-based photographer spent years retracing more than 40 vinyl sleeves, and his recaptured scenes now make for an incredible book which follows the changing face of Jamaican music.

It all started when Bartsch purchased the Brixton Cat LP from Joe's All Stars (Trojan Records, 1969).He took the record back down to the market in Brixton where the cover had been shot, held it up and rephotographed it at an arms length, matching-up the background to the LP.

The second cover was Smiley Culture's Cockney Translation 12", which was photographed in Battersea. "From then on, I was hooked," he writes on Kickstarter.Bartsch has now compiled 42 individual covers, some easier to find than others.To get these snapshots he had to hitch a boat ride across Regents Canal, climb onto a rooftop in Old Street, venture on to the Westway in West London and ask to enter various front rooms and gardens.

"I cycled all over the city, from Penge in southeast London to Harlesden in the northwest. There were wild goose chases, and some unexpected finds."

Teaming up with Al Newman at One Love Books, Bartsch managed to curate a 112-page archive which paints an interesting map of reggae music and its heritage in London.

The book will be launched at a free exhibition at the Rich Mix Gallery in east London on April 4, which comes complete with rum punch and music by Mistah Brown (Tighten Up/Trojan Jukebox).(Via Konbini)

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London (Photograph: Alex Bartsch)

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London (Photograph: Alex Bartsch)

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London (Photograph: Alex Bartsch)

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London (Photograph: Alex Bartsch)

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London (Photograph: Alex Bartsch)

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London (Photograph: Alex Bartsch)