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Illusion | Image manipulation | CGI STUDIO

Founded in 2001, Illusion is an award winning CGI studio based in Bangkok, Thailand established by Surachai Puthikulangkura Starting out as a photo retouching company, Illusion is the extensive and highest skill in post-production (creative retouching, image manipulation) for print production. Here are some of their projects:

Social Contacts

Client (Advertiser): Autism Forum Switzerland, Adliswil
Brand: Autism Forum
Campaign name: Social Contacts
Title: Snake RatWolf Sheep
Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zürich
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok
Representative: analog/digital



Client (Advertiser): Maxam
Brand: Toiletries
Title: Civilization-Rome, Civilization-Egypt
Agency: JWT Shanghai
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok


Clingy Animals

Client (Advertiser): Unilever
Brand: Sunlight / Dishwasher Detergents
Campaign name: Clingy animals
Title: Pig, Lamb, Cow
Agency: Lowe Bangkok, Thailand
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok


Chop-Chop 2.0 Campaign

Client (Advertiser): Ammeloo
Brand: Ammeloo Chef's Edition Knife Series
Campaign name: Chop-Chop 2.0 Campaign
Title: Chop-Chop 2.0: Beef, Chop-Chop 2.0: Pork, Chop-Chop 2.0: Mutto
Agency: Amber China Shanghai
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok


Batelco Directory
Client (Advertiser): Batelco
Brand: Directory
Title: Hospital, Hotel, Chinese Restaurant
Agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok


Build The Future

Client (Advertiser): DKSH (Thailand) Ltd.
Brand: Lego
Campaign name: Build The Future
Title: Astronaut, Firefighter, Rockstar
Agency: Ogilvy Group Thailand
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok


Block Out The Chaos 2

Client (Advertiser): JBL (ITECT LTD)
Brand: JBL
Title: Block out the chaos : World Leaders
         Block out the chaos: Football Managers
Agency: Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong  
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok