3896days is the work of a writer and a designer. The name is derived from the number of days between two birthdays, and the period it’s taken for two soul existences to intertwine.

In the form of a visual diary, 3896days depicts the spiritual and physical union of like souls. The core idea behind the personal drawing project is that everything originates from and leads back to love. The artwork, which is often of two people enjoying joint, “out-of-body” experiences, stimulates and awakens people to living in the now, following an inner bliss, feeling unconditional love, recognizing desires and manifestations, and appreciating synchronicity.



3896days serves to inspire hearts and minds, and draw in new ones – the drawings provide art appreciation experiences that are  both heart-opening and euphoric.


The meaning of love through the exceptional Sketches of Pascal Champion Art

Van Gogh after his ‘impossible love affair’ with the Italian Agostina Segatori in Paris, finally decided to accept that he wasn’t destined to find his true love. He settled for paying for it.

Love is not easy to find, and not easy to keep. Love sometimes comes without thinking, maybe was always there but you never see it. No matter how love appears in your life, when it is finally there, it is the best feeling someone can experience. Something very close to "Magic".


Tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration. Love mean a deep and enduring emotional regard for someone special in your life.

This is what love looks like through the exceptional illustrations of Pascal Champion Art


Wild Animals Collection by Rafapasta CG

Rafapasta is a graphic designer and illustrator from Seville, Spain.


tiger illustration design animal ilustracion tigrelion illustration rafapastaRafapasta Red Panda
Giraffe Rafapasta wild animals
Grizzly Bear Rafapasta
Rafapasta Red Fox wild animal
Rafapasta Sphynx cat animal illustration
The Eagle Rafapasta wild animals
Wolf Illustration Rafapasta

Wood Fox bc


Fashion Dresses With Everyday Objects by Edgar Artis


Edgar Artis is an Armenian Artist and Fashion Illustration. Edgar uses stylish paper cut outs and different objects to create beautiful dresses.



Artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen reimagines Disney Characters in "Real Life"


Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is a multifaceted designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Jirka has specially gained widespread attention for reimagining Disney Characters in "Real Life"



Inspiration Behind Iconic Paintings By PEZ

Inspired by Graffiti & Pop culture, Pez is an illustrator and painter from Nantes, France




Artist illustrates the Everyday Life With His Wife, and here are their latests works!

Yehuda Adi Devir is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator who knows how to enjoy the little things. The comic artist and character designer creates adorable comics about his daily adventures with his wife, and they perfectly describe their romantic relationship.

Maya is an artist herself and collaborates with her husband on the series. “Usually after something interesting <…> happens to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches,” Yehuda added. “After that, I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement, suggesting color, typography and so on. All of this process takes no more than a day.”

(Via Bored Panda)