Digital surrealist collages by Fajar P. Domingo

Indonesian graphic designer Fajar P. Domingo enjoys making these gorgeous digital collages on his spare time. Domingo began featuring his work on Instagram, sooner he started to gain followers. In 2015, he was commissioned by Gucci and La Stampa Turin amongst others.


Photo Manipulation by Kerem Ciğerci


Young talent of 17 years old, Kerem Ciğerci, will take you to the world of dreams with his photo manipulations works


Bettina Güber creates amazing fairy shoes using only petals and flowers

Bettina Güber, is a fine art artist who lives in Krefeld, Germany. Her works are evocative images of the natural world.


Using her creative imagination, Bettina uses flowers to digitally transform photos of the flowers. The final result is mesmerizing:



Project: Body mo(o)d by Adrianana Politano

My hands and my brain are definitely my favorite body parts


Adriana Napolitano is an Italian photographer and designer based in Germany. Her work is a quirky combination of photography, crafts, and digital manipulation. Adriana can work with almost any material and find the best way to realize anything stuck her head.

Some days are just too long

I don't want to see things.


dbf02662261567.5a8aedce31bf6When you're overwhelmed.



The Canvas Project: Famous Paintings Invade our Modern Days

The Canvas Project is a project created by Brazilian artist Gabriel Nardelli Araújo. The 28-year-old ‘frees’ well-known characters from classical paintings and puts them in the modern day context with the help of Photoshop.

“The process is entirely digital, my works do not exist, at least so far, in physical form. It is done in Photoshop based on photos of places I visited and pictures that I had access to. Other pictures are made available online by the museums themselves in high-resolution files, which has greatly helped in the final quality of the images,” he explained.

At first, this project was just an outlet for Gabriel, that let him create surreal images, but over the time its importance changed.  “I have been perceiving montages as new forms of appropriation of space and works of art. I feel like I leave an immaterial mark on that place. People who have had contact with my work and later visit the space or see the original picture can have a new vision about them.” 

(Via Majesticbunny)