Portraits of iconic faces made entirely from photographs of colorful donuts by Candice CMC


New York Artist Candice CMC, creates portraits of iconic faces made entirely from photographs of colorful donuts.

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Mastering Multiple Exposure Techniques In-Camera by Ben Dauré


Ben Dauré offers different styles of photography from portraiture & landscape to BTS & promo, however, his true passion is the creation of multiple exposures in camera. Ben combines and layer images in-camera using the same ideas and principles behind film photography, but with digital equipment. Mastering this technique, Ben is able to create and tailor a wide variety of styles with a unique look.

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Haze by Staudinger Franke


Staudinger Franke is an award-winning photography, post-production & CGI studio based in Vienna, Austria.

Staudinger Franke is regularly featured as one of Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide. Andreas Franke’s work has helped win countless awards. Staudinger Franke merges state of the art photography, retouching and CGI to realize every conceivable visual idea. From the first production steps to final artwork, everything is done in-house and supervised by Andreas Franke’s 20 plus years of experience.

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Conceptual photography by German Photographer Anna Sterling


German Photographer Anna Sterling has been involved in photography since she was a child and has developed her own style over the years.

Anna focuses on self-portraits and conceptual photography – especially digital outdoor photography in daylight. Through digital image processing, she transforms her ideas into unobtrusive and artistic compositions.

Through her art, she gives the viewer plenty of leeway for interpretation. She lets them finish the stories themselves and thus motivate them to think outside the box. Melancholy, dreams and the abysses of the human soul are reflected in her surreal and timeless photography.

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Dreamlike Photomontage Art by Élodie Van Roy


Young artist Élodie Van Roy lives in Toulouse, France. She has had a passion for photography since a very young age, especially in Photomontage. Her dreamlike works have a distinctive calm and sweet feeling that tends to stand out on most of her works.

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Message in the Money by Dan Tague


Dan Tague is a multi-media artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. Dan is well-known for his dollar bill series that are a hybrid of sculpture, photography and political statements.

The Cash America series represents another chapter on this continuing series of US currency portraits.  Emphasizing the message and architecture of these common American engravings led him to a more classic approach to these photographs. The new achromatic folded money pieces offer a heightened poetic feel invigorated with a new drama and urgency. 

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3D outstanding Portraits Made With different materials by Christian Pierini


Christian Pierini is a musician, visual artist, arts professor and cultural producer from Rio de Janeiro. His kind of art is outstanding. Christian makes 3D celebrity portraits with old instruments and different kind of object. The result is something that you could not believe it was possible to exist.

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Fascinating portraits with a creative edge by Claire Luxton


Claire Luxton is a British multi-faceted artist and writer, primarily working with photography, installation, video, and poetry. Claire creates fascinating portrait images with a creative edge. After graduating from Goldsmiths University of London in 2014 with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art, she began a series of self-portraits that were, visceral, uncomfortable and physically demanding.

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Creative portraits by Circle Circle Math


Swiss designer Josh (AKA Circle Circle Math), is a hiking addict, traveler, dreamer, self-starter & visual storyteller. Our eyes are often attracted to the face first, however, Josh creates amazing artworks where the face is always compromised. Doesn't matter what he does, all his artworks get the attention of the viewer at first sight.

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Computer generated art mixed with photography by Christophe Huet


Fascinating images created by French Photoshop retouch master Christophe Huet. His work is a perfect fusion between old-school photography and digital created composites. He masters the barrier between reality and his own imagination resulting in mesmerizing surreal images.

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