Emotional states through collages by Marcos Guinoza

Marcos Guinoza is a journalist and graphic designer based in Brazil. Marcos creates images out of an obsessive way to try to understand the human beings and their contradictions. Through his art he also get to understand himself, his feelings and frustrations.

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Sensual and Evocative Collages by Rozenn Le Gall


Lyon-based artist Rozenn Le Gall enjoys the smooth texture of magazines, the stiffness of cardboard, and the peculiar smell of old paper. Le Gall’s collages uses the recognizable ’70s color palette of warm earth tones and pale blues, with a sporadic color pop of red or orange; further portraying her partiality to the iconic decade.

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Digital surrealist collages by Fajar P. Domingo

Indonesian graphic designer Fajar P. Domingo enjoys making these gorgeous digital collages on his spare time. Domingo began featuring his work on Instagram, sooner he started to gain followers. In 2015, he was commissioned by Gucci and La Stampa Turin amongst others.

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