Unique and meticulous tattoo style by Balazs Bercsenyi

Balazs Bercsenyi is a many-sided tattoo artist from Pécs, Hungary. His unique, meticulous style is influenced by ritual, spirituality, geometry, the occult, and sculpture, and has become the cornerstone for his independent art projects.

After an apprenticeship in London at the age of 20, Balazs went on to join the world-renowned Bang Bang crew in New York City. While continuing his passion for tattooing there, he has explored illustration and fashion design as new mediums to bridge the gap between ancient tradition and modern elegance.


Paper art by Sabeena Karnik

Bending, cutting, overlapping, the artist Sabeena Karnik practices the art of lettering without touching even a pencil. Sabeena is an artist and graphic designer residing in Mumbai, India. She has specialized in paper art. Her works are full of color and details.


Embroidery Portrait Artist Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavalia is an Embroidery Portrait Artist from Australia. Her work focuses exclusively on the portraits of friends, family, and fellow artists.  Cayce's work is all hand sewn using cotton and silk thread or crewel embroidery wool. From a distance they read as hyper-realistic paintings, and only after closer inspection does the work’s true construction reveal itself.

Over the years, Cayce has developed a sewing technique that allows her to blend colors and establish tonalities that resemble the techniques used in classical oil painting.   The direction in which the threads are sewn mimic the way brush marks are layered within a painting which, in turn, allows for the allusion of depth, volume, and form. Her stitching methodology borders on the obsessive, but ultimately allows her to visually evoke painterly renditions of flesh, hair, and cloth.


International Coffee Day 2018

If the only way to start your day is with a coffee then get celebrating. Coffee isn't just a great way to start your day, it can be an art form. Check out these awesome selection of coffee art!











Incredible Henna Art By Mary Ginkas


Henna art is a new form of art that celebrates the feminine body, highlighting the natural beauty of a woman. This particular art is usually done around the chest, belly, legs and back. Russian henna artist Mary Ginkas master this art and here is a selection of her amazing works.


Sara Shakeel Turns Stretch Marks Into Glittery Works Of Art

Collage artist Sara Shakeel reveres stretch marks by filling them with glitter. They are, after all, symbols of a women’s experience and growth—so why shy them?In hopes of getting people to better appreciate their natural forms, Shakeel encourages followers to send photos of their stretch marks and have her highlight, and not conceal, them.


The response has been surreal so far. “I cannot explain how overwhelmed I was to see around 300 emails of stretch marks, cellulite, [and] scars and the best part is I am getting requests from men asking if I can put glitter on their marks too!”


Artworks made using cut wood, acrylic paing and color stain by Lior Vaturi

Lior Vaturi is an Israeli-born artist who works in New York City.


His current work depicts a range of subject matters, drawing inspiration both from nineteenth century reprographic technique and modern day digital expression. Using both halftone and pixel grids, combined with cut wood, acrylic paint and color stain, surfaces start to take shape, resulting in an optical illusion effect that can be experienced up close and from a distance.


Lior's background and experience in the graphic and design industry serves as foundation for this shift in his creative practice, where, through almost meditative like process, he explores a more tactile and tangible interpretation of a visual expression.