Message in the Money by Dan Tague


Dan Tague is a multi-media artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. Dan is well-known for his dollar bill series that are a hybrid of sculpture, photography and political statements.

The Cash America series represents another chapter on this continuing series of US currency portraits.  Emphasizing the message and architecture of these common American engravings led him to a more classic approach to these photographs. The new achromatic folded money pieces offer a heightened poetic feel invigorated with a new drama and urgency. 

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3D outstanding Portraits Made With different materials by Christian Pierini


Christian Pierini is a musician, visual artist, arts professor and cultural producer from Rio de Janeiro. His kind of art is outstanding. Christian makes 3D celebrity portraits with old instruments and different kind of object. The result is something that you could not believe it was possible to exist.

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Inspiring pictures that offers a unique view of Asians countries by Tristan Zhou


Talented Japanese photographer Tristan Zhou is a self-taught photographer, retoucher, filmmaker and art director is currently based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Tristan shoots inspiring pictures that offers a unique view of Asians countries.

My mission is to create something that is not only eye-catching but also meaningful and storytelling.

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Women of Nature by Patrick Odorizzi


Patrick Odorizzi is an Italian photographer from Bibione (Venice).

I take photos because taking photos is emotional for me,to express myself, to interact with my surroundings, to capture a moment of light, the smile of a child, the story of a person, the emotion of a bride, the harmony of the creation, to glance through a face. I take photos because, for me, taking photos is life.

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Light and shadows by Sølve Sundsbø


Norwegian fashion photographer and filmmaker Sølve Sundsbø infuses his imagery with sharp, otherworldly concepts and experimental techniques. He arrived in London in 1995 to pursue a short course in photography at the London College of Printing and became a photography assistant for acclaimed experimental image-maker Nick Knight. That pivotal role and Knight’s mentorship, which spanned four years, helped Sundsbø become a highly decorated fashion photographer in his own right.

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A humorous play of shadows that evokes a world of imagination by Vincent Bal


In Vincent Bal's world, a tea cup becomes an elephant, a wineglass, a prisoner, and a fork staff-lines. By using the shadows of everyday objects, Bal creates highly original and quirky images.

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Colorful Tokyo by Yoshito Hasaka

Yoshito Hasaka is a Tokyo-based designer currently working as lead designer for Origami Inc. Yoshito loves to feel people’s energy in the city and how the city change constantly. With the help of his camera, Yoshito captures all these moments and present us in these vivid colors of a city that never sleeps.

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Artistic portrait and fashion photography by Johannes Lunenburg


Fashion Photographer Johannes Lunenburg creates stunning images with an old fashion style. His work is a combination of soft surroundings and beautiful models.

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Emotive photographs in public transportation by Zhang Jia Wu


Zhang Jia Wu is a talented photographer and artist based in Zhengzhou, China. He captures stunning photographs on public transportation, some from the outside and some from the inside. Each of his candid captures is not a simple shot, in a simple moment he is able to document a whole story.

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Fascinating portraits with a creative edge by Claire Luxton


Claire Luxton is a British multi-faceted artist and writer, primarily working with photography, installation, video, and poetry. Claire creates fascinating portrait images with a creative edge. After graduating from Goldsmiths University of London in 2014 with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art, she began a series of self-portraits that were, visceral, uncomfortable and physically demanding.

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Creative portraits by Circle Circle Math


Swiss designer Josh (AKA Circle Circle Math), is a hiking addict, traveler, dreamer, self-starter & visual storyteller. Our eyes are often attracted to the face first, however, Josh creates amazing artworks where the face is always compromised. Doesn't matter what he does, all his artworks get the attention of the viewer at first sight.

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