MANIAC, a series of images for the metal band Mass Hysteria by Eric Canto

MANIAC is a shocking yet fascinating series created by Eric Canto for the new album of the French heavy metal band Mass Hysteria. Eric has been photographing artists for the past ten years. As a graphic designer, he has created and produced album covers, works of art, posters, among other projects. At present Eric works in collaboration with magazines, labels, tourers, bands, and artists. 


The idea of the sewn mouth and white eyes in MANIAC echoed the #MeToo movement. The woman's place in a relationship or in society, the old notion of male superiority that overwhelms, the balance of power and this difficulty, this impossibility to say or to see for a woman - "be beautiful and shut up".

The production of this series was made in a large Parisian hotel. It was supposed to give a single artwork but two different worlds emerged and therefore 2 different covers: the standard version of the album and the limited version.


These last 10 years have allowed me to meet many musicians, artists, to travel to many countries, to be an official photographer at major festivals, to disturb my photos with Bjork in his dressing room, to eat between The Hives and Disclosure, to ride a quad with Slipknot, to be invited to the world's largest Apple store in London to give a lecture, to create the last 6 album covers for Mass Hysteria, Lofofora's "ordinary monster", Olivia Ruiz's first Jazz album, the first Bukowski, to cover James Ellroy's biography, to be published in many magazines, to tour Suicidal tendances or Ghost in a toilet, to have a drink watching Lemmy play pinball, to attend nearly 700 concerts, to test the alcohol in the dressing rooms of Eurocks, Hellfest, Sonisphere, Heavy Montreal, Main Square, Garorock, in small or very large rooms, to take the final photos with 50.000 people raising their arms, drinking a few beers, going to bed too late and waking up too early, going through this frenzy to take a few moments.

Eric's first book "A MOMENT SUSPENDED IN TIME" closing 10 years of concert photography has just been released.

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