Accidental Art / Impressive Mistake Series by Vladislav Antonov

Russian artist Vladislav Antonov, created this amazing series called "Accidental Art/Impressive Mistake". A series created and inspired by Television Signals. Television signals is somehow a language that express itself in unpredictable ways, creating this way a visual footprint. In other words a unique form of art.

Artist is the keeper of emotions that come from all around: from sky, from ground, from paper shuffling, from fleeting forms, from a cobweb - Pablo Picasso

It is not news that art develops at the point of merger of different styles and as a result of interchange of various visual languages - still images can become a live video-story, and vice versa, a screen capture from a movie can be worthy of a painting frame.​  Just like the language we speak, coloured by the shades of our many emotions, programming language or a television signal is a language too, and it can sometimes express itself in unpredictable ways and visual footprints that can create unique, never-to-repeat- again impressions.


This is exactly what makes the "Accidental Art/Impressive Mistake" series so unique. it seems, the television signal traveled through time and space and visited impressionists space, and they worked on it​ somehow and enhanced it, and made that basic idea come to life - to capture not only the objects in light, but the light itself.