Artist Draws Beautiful Images to Help Calm her anxiety

Josefine Svärd is an illustrator and designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. She creates beautiful stippling art that captures the beauty of nature. Josefine uses black ink and millions of tiny hand-drawn dots to draw her natural landscapes and wild animals. Celestial skies, trees, mountains, and wild animals are composed of millions of tiny hand-drawn dots, bringing them to life in intricate detail.


Each portrait requires an incredible amount of patience, which, according to the artist, helps her to calm her anxiety.

“I’m stunned. I try to understand how this is happening but I don’t come up with anything,” the artist wrote. “This is just something I did because I loved to create and to ease my anxiety…I can’t believe I can celebrate another milestone like this. I am forever grateful, and so thankful for the amazing support I get from you every day.”