Dreamlike Photomontage Art by Élodie Van Roy

Young artist Élodie Van Roy lives in Toulouse, France. She has had a passion for photography since a very young age, especially in Photomontage. Her dreamlike works have a distinctive calm and sweet feeling that tends to stand out on most of her works.

FloorLamp-ElodieVanRoy 1

This creative artist knows how to use her imagination in an attempt to reify the magic of the photograph, offering an interesting contrast to her more normal photography.

Balloon-ElodieVanRoy 1

Photomontage has existed as an art medium since long. It was a technique first used in 1915. It was later adopted by the surrealists who exploited the possibilities photomontage offered by using free association to bring together widely disparate images, to reflect the workings of the unconscious mind. Over the years many artists have incorporated many mediums and material. Today, digitally-made photomontages offer a new way of exploring the medium.

Many are the artists who utilize this technique as a space for experimenting with the images. Others are painters who make use of found materials to add texture and meaning to their works. They’re all sure to offer inspiration.

icecream-ElodieVanRoy 1
Thebulb-ElodieVanRoy 1FloorLamp-ElodieVanRoy 1
FruitIsland-ElodieVanRoy 1Branch2-elodieVanRoy 1

Elephant-ElodieVanRoy 1Whale-ElodieVanRoy 1
Branch1-ElodieVanRoy 1
Dream3-ElodieVanRoy 1Dream2-ElodieVanRoy 1Dream-ElodieVanRoy 1Magritte-ElodieVanroy 1Magritte2-ElodieVanRoy 1

"Heart" evokes the current topics that affect the climate. A metaphorical way to let people understand that the planet is alive. The human being born and dies. It's the same for the earth. Everything that has life has a cycle. But it's obvious that planet earth is likely to die faster because of our impact.

Heart-ElodieVanRoy 1