The art of Seiichi and Daisei Terazono

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YOFUKURO is a Japanese artistic duo from Kagoshima. The two brothers, Seiichi and Daisei Terazono, create mostly figurative art in different media (acrylic, pastel, mixed media).

YOFUKURO means owl in Kagoshima dialect and owls are considered to bring happiness in Japan.

Seiichi Terazono graduated from the Faculty of Design, Okayama Prefectural University in Japan, where he obtained a degree in Communication Design and Computer Graphics Animation. He has worked as a digital artist and engaged in the production of movies and video games. Throughout his childhood, he was very interested in comics, especially the comic 'AKIRA' by Katsuhiro Otomo. He was impressed by the beauty of the line, which inspired him to start drawing himself. The essence of his work is not only the figurative realism appearing on the surface. Instead, he explores and aims to capture the 'realism' within the mind

Daisei Terazono graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts, where he obtained a degree in oil painting, fresco, and mosaic. During his studies, he was greatly inspired by the work of Francis Bacon. Daisei seeks to portray emotions such as suffering, sadness, and pain, which are predominantly hidden from view. The artistic duo paints together in a studio in Kagoshima and has exhibited all over Japan (Fei Art Museum Yokohama or The Spiral Garden in Tokyo in 2017 to mention a few).

Inspired by Egon Schiele, they add a specific recognizable touch to their paintings and aim at portraying the truth, be it beauty or sadness. Their raw and bold figures have lately attracted considerable international attention.

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