A stunning world through the lens of Timothy Moon

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Australian photographer Timothy Moon creates breathtaking landscapes that take us into a magical trip.

Timothy is currently retired from a successful architecture practice. His first contact with photography occurred during his architectural studies, in which he learnt how to develop and print his own black and white film photographs. In those early days, he simply regarded the camera as a device to record information for his architectural career, rather than a tool to create works of art. Instead, he relied on his sketching and drawing skills to capture landscapes, and study the world around him. His interest in photography was reignited a few years ago, when he discovered his passion for landscape photography. What came next is a meteoric career in which Timothy has become an alchemist that combines the inherent beauty of nature with his creativity to produce true visual jewels.

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Timothy’s works are stunning. He masterfully captures the atmosphere, light and magnificence of some remarkable corners of the world. His gift is to not only convey the natural splendor of these places, but to multiply it with his unique artistic sensitivity.

Capturing, refining and distilling the essence of a place was something he aimed for in his architectural work. This approach naturally continued into his photography. In his words: “The challenge of seeing with fresh eyes is one I enjoy. I aim to capture atmosphere and mood in my landscapes, as it would be through this process that a connection with the viewer could be more readily established.”

Timothy’s work has been recognized with numerous international awards and exhibitions. He claims that his landscape painting and drawing is now done with a digital camera and a drone. Looking at his photographs, it is fair to conclude that soul is another of the ingredients.

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