Star Wars has captivated generations of fans and inspired artists throughout the entire universe. From street art to photography, the list is infinite. Through his art, French photographer Laurent Pons brings the Star Wars cosmos to life on Earth.

He masterfully creates realistic scenes in which some of the most beloved characters in this saga visit our planet. From R2-D2 lost in the streets of New York City to Empire Walkers strolling the streets of Paris, anything is possible!

In Laurent’s words: "Like a lot of people of my generation, I wanted to introduce my child to this passion about ten years ago. I started offering my son Star Wars ships and we played together to repaint them, trying to reproduce this famous patina, so characteristic of the world of the first trilogy. I then staged and photographed the models of my son according to the situations, my travels and especially in Paris. With the help of my friend Photoshop, I then created original images without trying to respect the cinematographic context of the staged subjects.”

The results are mesmerizing. He achieves the impossible: bringing that galaxy far, far away a little closer to home.

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Laurent Pons: Website
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