Shilah Sirois

Whimsical images by a creative mind

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Shilah lives in South Florida with her family. She is a production stylist and photographer and her husband is a commercial photographer. Both work as photographers and shoot with big brands for advertising and e-commerce purposes. This means their creative freedom is extremely limited and everything is very client-driven.

Shilah has always had a heavy interest in art and creating since she was a young girl. When she began college, she was initially going for a degree in illustration and eventually switched to photography. By that time, she was obsessed with editorial and conceptual styles of photography and focused her entire portfolio on this theme. Creating images based on all sorts of concepts was her passion. Shilah always has seen creative and magical images in her mind and always has been determined to find a way to bring those visions to life.

Working in commercial production, however, doesn’t quite allow her to bring all of that mad artistry to the table. Instagram is a place where she can create her own visions and her own art that she gets to very excitedly share with others. Those images show the real Shilah. It’s hard to create imagery today that hasn’t been done before, it’s getting more and more challenging to actually get “noticed”, for Shilah it’s extremely rewarding to feel like she still stands out in this world that is so heavily saturated with so much amazing talent.

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