photographs of timeless beauty and aesthetic value

by Rodney Smith

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Rodney Smith (12/24/1957-12/5/2016) was a renowned New York based photographer who in the tradition of Avedon, Penn and William Klein, transcended fashion photography into fine art. A career that spanned over four decades, Smith’s iconic black and white photographs of Paris, New York and French Gardens often depicted romantic, grand scenes or reflected a quiet allure. Smith created photographs of timeless beauty and aesthetic value. His wit, humor, grace and style live on in the photographs he so magically created.

While at Yale, Smith studied under Walker Evans. Preferring to work in natural light, Smith shot predominantly in black and white until 2002 when he first began experimenting with color film. Choosing to shoot on film and develop his negatives by hand, Smith creates timeless, classic images that reflect his innate playfulness and curiosity. Rodney Smith photographs are instantly recognizable for their classic sensibility, and whimsical and surreal visual twists.

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