The Art of sensual human sculpture


Well before NSFW became a widespread acronym on the Internet, artists like Francisco de Goya, Mark Twain, Edouard Manet and Katsushika Hokusai, just to mention a few, were bringing the steamiest provocations to the canvas. At present, nude is an inspiration for many artists around the globe. 

Renowned French photographer Olivier Valsecchi explores the sensuality of nude photography with his series entitled “Drifting, Time of War, Klechsography and Dust”.  Throughout his work, Oliver echoes the aesthetic of classical portraiture and fine art photography presenting it in a personal style. His praxis is rooted in minimalism, with highly detailed representations of figures portrayed on a dark background. His astonishing photographs bring a subtle take on erotic imagery, focusing on the beauty of human body as seen in the classical aesthetic canon. Rather than exploring the lust and raw sexuality, Oliver offers a delicate view of the idea of bodily beauty. 

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