Contemporary Portraits

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Nymira Gray is a portrait and figure artist, currently working and living in Buffalo, NY USA.

"I work in heavy body acrylics, the fast-drying nature of which is perfect for my technique, which uses many quick textured layers, working with palette knives and brushes. All my paintings are created using only the three primary colors, plus black and white. Every other color is mixed on the palette from those basic colors. This minimal use of color helps me get to the core of my subject. I use shadow and light to bring out depth; to bring out something that appeals to me, a part of myself, through the model."

"The emotion caused my paintings to give the viewer a chance to stop and reflect for a moment on the incredible depth of human beings, and the viewer in particular. To realize, that the viewer is not the facade he sees in the mirror, but an incredibly deep, eternal being, for the time being occupying a physical body. The viewer can find himself in the portrait, a reflection of his spirit in the facade of the painted face." - Nymira Gray

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