Discovering the World Through His Eyes

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“My work is inspired by the passing of time, which changes things, which transforms everything, which also changes us; not only by making ourselves grow and then grow old but also by constantly changing the vision we have of the world.”

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Nicola Ducati was born in a small town in the north Italian Alps. This beautiful place nurtured his love for nature and his respect for our environment, with the awareness that humanity is only a guest of this era. He started traveling at an early age, driven by curiosity to learn more.

Nicola encountered the world of photography by chance. As a child, he used to play with an old camera found who knows where, a shabby but fascinating object that soon became a passion. His curiosity led him to experiment with multiple genres, from the first landscape shots, the inevitable black and white, travel photography, and finally the portrait set.

He found inspiration in many photographers, who encouraged him to look for his own way of “seeing”. They include famous photographers with almost impossible suggestions and lesser-known but talented photographers with a unique and poetic style. With some of them he have traveled, studied, learnt and established a relationship of friendship and respect. Regarding his current interests, Nicola says: “Today I especially like photography, which tells stories but also lets you imagine the personal story behind, which excites and suggests reflections. A narrating photography.”

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This awareness accompanies Nicola’s travels and inspires his shots. He believes that in many places, people and the traditions are disappearing in a dramatic and silent way, leaving behind an unbridgeable emptiness. He thinks that: “Traveling and discovering the world with respect allows us to be, without even realizing it, privileged witnesses of a history that will not be repeated. Time escapes us.”

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Nicola Ducati | INSTAGRAM

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