A Magical Waterland Where Gravity and Rules Don't Exist

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“I believe that everyone has a small child inside, whatever age we are.  Very often we forget this and push it away. I would like for the people watching my images to be in a magical Waterland, where gravity and rules do not exist. I would like to take them back for a moment to their childhood dreams, forgetting the hard reality of life and for a second to believe in magic again.” 

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Lucie Drlikova is an award-winning underwater photographer, originally from the Czech Republic, currently living in Prague, after twenty years of living in different parts of the world.

Lucie grew up exposed to art and culture through the passion of her dad’s darkroom and her mom’s fairy tales and storybooks. Fostering her vivid imagination and a love for reading and painting, Lucie still followed a different professional path and landed a job in a corporate environment.

Lucie started diving at the age of twenty-two and has never stopped. To show her mom that the underwater world was a safe environment, she purchased her first little point and shoot camera to bring back images to share. Convinced that being an artist was not supposed to be a job but only a hobby, Lucie never thought she would one day become an underwater photographer as a profession. She continued to pursue this as a passion combined with her love for scuba diving.

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However, when in the last few years of her growing career her health became affected by the high-stress levels, Lucie decided to change something in her life. She quit her job and decided to follow her dreams through photography and diving; her desire to create memories and to know her life had not been wasted.

Leaping into an unknown environment Lucie started to create images with the help and support of her friends happy to be either in the water in front of her lens or behind the scenes assisting with anything needed to be done. It was a natural step for Lucie to connect being in the water to express her fantasies through photography. Underwater it was easier to create landscapes where people could fly and worlds could be upside down.

Persistent through her work, she specialized in underwater portraits but continued to feed her creative soul with her projects. Using her multitalented capabilities, each image is the result of a vision, a note, a drawing, a memory followed by a complex work of creating her own costumes and props, make-ups, drawing and painting her own backgrounds and coordinating people above and below the water.

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Photography is in a way a very small part of the entire creative process that sees Lucie involved in every aspect with the same energy and passion. There is not one day when Lucie is not thinking about her next image, her next project, her next dream.

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Lucie Drlikova | INSTAGRAM

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