Loes Heerink

Merchants in Motion

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The thousands of street vendors in Hanoi are a well-liked and much-photographed feature amongst visitors to the Vietnamese capital. Merchants in Motion is a book that captures the subject from a unique vantage point. The colors, shapes, and textures can be an inspiration for designers and artists in many fields

Every day, thousands of vendors descend on the Vietnamese capital Hanoi with their goods laden bicycles. They make the trip from the countryside to the city to sell fruits, flowers, food and a whole variety of other goods. The merchandise is carefully displayed in baskets, and balancing these on their bicycles the vendors walk the streets of Hanoi in search of customers.

Dutch photographer Loes Heerink became intrigued by the vendors and their stories, but photographing them in the overcrowded streets proved a challenge. Until she decided to change her vantage point. Perched high on a pedestrian bridge or other overpass Loes captured the merchants from above, eliminating the usual distracting street clutter. The resulting images are mesmerizing and colorful pieces of art; shapes, colors, and textures drawn on the grey canvas of the street.

Complimented with portraits of some of the vendor's Merchants in Motion offers a unique perspective on a fascinating subject.

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