The Portrait Artist and the Fashion Photographer

He recognizes the inside beauty of his subjects and tries to express his own feelings.

Born and raised in the serene city of Chengdu, China, photographer Kiki Xue aims to express a wide range of emotions through a thorough investigation of details. Currently living and working as a fashion and art photographer in Paris, Kiki Xue has exhibited some of his works in Paris and won the Photo Vogue Festival prize in Milan. As part of his fashion photography career, he works with top magazines.

In his works, he aims to express himself and to convey his appreciation of beautiful, imperfect objects and people through a variety of cultural forms. He does not conceal flaws and destructed details that to his belief are an inherent part of beauty. His detailed and thought-out designs and compositions encourage the viewer to stop and observe the work, which then echoes as an internal reaction in the observer.

Xue observes the effect of natural light and works with it to illuminate his works. Working with both digital and film cameras, Kiki Xue explores many different realms; the human body, still life, portraiture, and fashion; creating profound detailed images, full of textures, emotion, and vibrant colors.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Kikixue

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