Hand-colored photographs of young women


Jan Saudek is a world-famous Czech photographer. He was born in Prague in 1935. He is best known for his depictions of nudes and youthful figures arranged in dreamlike spaces. His hand-colored, erotic photographs of young women amidst painted backdrops and plaster props lends his work the appearance of mid-19th century photography.

He studied a graphic school, and was slowly becoming a photographer. In the late 1960’s he visited the U.S.A. and had there an exhibition of his works. After he got divorced in 1972, Jan discovered his famous “wall”, which he then used as a background for the most of his famous pictures.

He became widely recognized in the western world and in 1984 the official authorities finally allowed him to became the “Professional Artists”, which meant he could have make his living officially by photographing.

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