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Dasha Pears is a Russian conceptual photographer, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Dasha’s unique style is dreamlike and whimsical. Her works are a reflection of a discovery process. Having tried many types of photography, Dasha found herself in conceptual and fine art sphere. Since then her images have been exhibited in Russia, France, Poland, Austria and Finland.

Dasha's photography is influenced by classical fine art, surrealism, as well as fantasy and science fiction books. The instruments of surrealism help her to show that the scene is only partially real and that most of it is going on in the character’s mind. Her works are beautifully composed and many of them are leaning towards minimalism. This is her way of expressing that controlling your mind and creating space is crucial for discovering who you are and who you are not.
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Every person’s identity is split into two parts “me” and “myself”. This project is exploring the interactions of these two different sides of the same person and idea the of the duality of a human mind and self-discovery.

These parts don’t represent “good” and “evil” in general sense of those words. Often, one of these parts is our inner critic, the punisher, the one that comes up with all the fears, excuses and negative thoughts. This “me” can make us fail at anything since this voice will never be happy, it thrives on suffering, recreating it in our heads over and over again, often without any connection to a real-life situation we are in. It’s the job of the other part, “myself”, to recognize the negative delusion and turn it into healthy positive thoughts thus bringing peace to our minds.

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Escapism - the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. The word "escapism" often carries a negative connotation, suggesting that escapists are unhappy, with an inability or unwillingness to connect with the real world and to take necessary action. However, recent psychological studies show that often escapism becomes "self-expansion”, meaning that diving deeply into an activity or creating a fantasy can be a way of exploring oneself and finding inner peace.

The series shows young women, whose fantasies and passions spilled into the real world. It’s a speculation on how one can find comfort and confidence in doing something he/she loves.

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The series explores different stages of a relationship between people within a couple in a metaphorical way. Hopes, dreams, happiness and difficulties, emotional connection and misunderstandings. It’s never black or white. It’s both at the same time. Relationships are never perfect, and very possibly there’s no “happily ever after”. There’s always something that will add bitter notes to the overall sweetness or vice-a-versa. 

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Birds represent emotions which can sometimes be overwhelming, drive you in some direction, make you act a certain way. You can’t fight them. If you try, you will fail. So many of us have unresolved emotions from our childhood that drag us down and turn into miserable human beings. You can only be at peace with your self, when you acknowledge these emotions, observe them, let them be and pass through you.

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Photographize granted permission to feature photos by Dasha Pears

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